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Nano Soma Nutritional Supplement
Nano Soma Nutritional Supplement
Nano Soma Nutritional Supplement

Nano Soma Nutritional Supplement

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1 bottle £49.94

3+ bottles = discounted prices.


* Vegan

* Anti-Oxidant

* Gluten Free

* Packed in Glass

* Safe for adults, children & animals


NANO SOMA (US Patent 8,722,093 Metadichol®) is a nutritional supplement - a nanoemulsion of policosanol formulated in glacial water. The secret to NANO SOMA is turning policosanol into a water-soluble nanoemulsion, enabling rapid absorption throughout the body.


NANO SOMA: The Elixir of Life
• Nano Soma binds to Vitamin D receptor sites to stimulate the immune system and inhibit a variety of disease processes
• Nano Soma enables the body to make Vitamin C endogenously without the need for Vitamin C supplements 
• Natural prophylactic with no known side effects
• Enhances wound healing and improves skin texture for long-term skin health
• Safe for Children, Adults & Animals

Nano Soma has no known side effects. Safe during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.

Independent research and clinical data has shown positive benefits from NANO SOMA for:

• Regulating over 2300 genes
• Enhancing Wound Healing (including diabetic wounds, cuts and burns)
• Repairing damaged organs, blood vessels and promoting good heart health
• Improving longevity and correcting underlying health conditions
• Reducing inflammation and pain
• Restoring proper immune functions
• Improving cognitive functioning, including following a stroke or from Parkinson's disease
• Proven anti-microbial agent against viruses, bacterial, fungi and yeasts
• Relieves itchy eyes and can be used topically for acute and chronic skin diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Warts and Fungal Infections

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Glacial Water, Nano Policosanol (0.25%), Vitamin E, Sucrose Monolaurate, Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid



Daily maintenance dose for adults: 5 sprays, once a day (approx 1 bottle / month)
• For children: 2 sprays, once a day

Loading Protocol for Optimal Support: For first time use, there is a 3 bottle protocol, recommended by NANO SOMA, (3 bottles / 1st month)
• First bottle: 5 sprays every 3-4 hours (total of 6 doses per day)
• Second bottle: 5 sprays every 6 hours (4 doses per day)
• Third bottle: 5 sprays, twice a day. 

Topical Application: Safe to spray on open wounds, cuts and skin complaints such as eczema, psorasis and fungal infections. 1 or 2 sprays, once or twice a day depending on severity / long-standing nature of issue.

For Pain : Spray topically onto any painful area. Use following injury or for chronic inflammation, arthritis or osteoporosis.

Eyes, Ears and Nose: Spray 1 spray, once a day in the eyes*, ears and nostrils to relieve symptoms of infection, inflammation, asthma, ear-ache and itchy/red eyes.
*Can sting initially when sprayed into the eyes.

First-Aid Box Essential: Use topically as needed. Wonderful to keep with you for emergencies. Use following accidents, injuries and in acute situations.